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‌Windsister‌ label

Designer Saskia Wind started in 2000 with her brand ‘Windsister’. The brand contains a fashion collection, unique handcrafted necklaces and earrings, a leather handbag and shoes collection and an interior collection. Everything is produced in Europe. Her choices of materials and color combinations are quirky, sometimes unusual, but always refined, classy and stylish. With a classical touch, which makes her designs age-less. Many items are cross-over related in terms of patterns or colors, which makes it easy for you to combine and choose your own unique style. In all products you’ll find most natural, top quality materials in perfect fitting shapes and with a good quality/price balance. All this makes a Windsister product a unique signature.

Where to find us

You can visit Windsister Warehouse at
Denneweg 114A in The Hague

Call or mail us at: +31 (0)70 406 2544


Photos are made by Corine Tijssen

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Our Blog

One of my personal assignments in life

One of my personal assignments in life

The older you get, the more patterns you discover in your life. They were created by the choices you’ve made over the years. One of mine is the teacher-student phenomenon. Ever since I started working {I was 18 yrs old} I’ve been in positions where I guided and...

Exceptional Assignments

Over all the years I worked as a designer,many exceptional assignments came to me by chance. Being at the right place at the right moment.. One of them was given to me in 1990 when I owned a fashionshop in Amersfoort. One of my regular clients asked me if i would be...

Happy Times in Paris

It was summer 1984 when I was invited to do an internship at a Haute Couture House in Paris,  friends of my parents were related to the originally Dutch Couturier Robert Nelissen,who started in Paris as an assistent of Annemarie Baretta and also worked for Pierre...