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One of my personal assignments in life

The older you get, the more patterns you discover in your life. They were created by the choices you’ve made over the years. One of mine is the teacher-student phenomenon. Ever since I started working {I was 18 yrs old} I’ve been in positions where I guided and...

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Exceptional Assignments

Over all the years I worked as a designer,many exceptional assignments came to me by chance. Being at the right place at the right moment.. One of them was given to me in 1990 when I owned a fashionshop in Amersfoort. One of my regular clients asked me if i would be...

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Happy Times in Paris

It was summer 1984 when I was invited to do an internship at a Haute Couture House in Paris,  friends of my parents were related to the originally Dutch Couturier Robert Nelissen,who started in Paris as an assistent of Annemarie Baretta and also worked for Pierre...

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Where do you get your inspiration from? Often this question has been asked when people see my work. It’s a question with many answers. For me, I’ve always regarded myself as an observer.Ever since I was young I’ve been watching everything around...

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Good to see you!

Over 3,5 decades I’ve been working, as a designer/creator , as a manager , as a coach. There are many stories to tell about all of these years. In every blog there will be memories ,funny anecdotes , crazy unexpected things that happened, Sometimes so surreal you’d...

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