The older you get, the more patterns you discover in your life.

They were created by the choices you’ve made over the years.

One of mine is the teacher-student phenomenon. Ever since I started working {I was 18 yrs old} I’ve been in positions where I guided and educated other young people and coached them in all the things I learned. First as an army officer, later as a manager and also in my own company I always had students for periods of time teaching them about working technics and also about daily life. How to improve their self-education {go to exhibitions, to museums, travel if and when you can, educate yourself in art-history} and don’t wait for school to do it for you. I told them about my experiences in daily working life, the mistakes I made, what I learned from them and also about the joy of success. The ultimate kick when a project comes together and the real outcome is the same as the picture in my head when I designed it.

And over all those years, some students stayed in touch or reconnected through Linkedin.

The majority found good jobs or career-paths, some of them are valued collegues now. It’s nice to hear back from them how much they learned from me, how their experience with me has effected their own choices, good memories cherished.

It makes me feel I contribute to the youth of this world, which is a wonderful feeling.